Sunday, 14 September 2008

Swallows and Amazons to the rescue!!!

We read on Moore 2 Life's blog on Friday evening that Charles and Ann had been stuck at Wansford Lock on the Nene for a week. As it is only 10 minutes from us, on Saturday morning we thought that we would go over and introduce ourselves and find out if they needed anything. After being given a very warm welcome and a cup of coffee, we took Ann to Tesco in Peterborough as they were running a bit short of essentials. When we returned we found Charles down the weed-hatch trying to cut free a rope which had become wrapped around the prop when they came up the lock. He wasn't having a great deal of luck, and his arm was cut to ribbons by the edge of the hatch by this time, so Rog, having arms as long as a gorilla's, offered to have a go. There was a great deal of choice language coming from the depths of the weed-hatch, and after a while he managed to free the prop. All was not well, however, as the engine would go into reverse, but would not engage forward gear. The men fiddled around for a while, as men are apt to do, but to no avail. I think a call to RCR was in order.

Rog took a lovely photo of their Jack Russell, Molly. What a poser!!! She is a sweet little dog, it made us wish we had taken Cassie along with us - they would have had a wonderful time chasing each other around the field next to their mooring.

It was lovely to meet you both - hope you will be on your way again soon. We look forward to meeting you again in the future, and thank you, Ann, for the lovely flowers.
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  1. Is there more in common? You are only ten minutes from Wansford and we are not that far away either in Rippingale Lincs.

  2. Ooo eer spooky. Pip thought you might live close as you were talking about J Lewis in Peterborough.

  3. Thank you very much for your visit. It got us out of a low point. RCR came and sorted the gearbox problem so we got on our way again once the Nene was open.


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