Saturday, 21 March 2009

A few more photos....

Just a few more photos from our quick trip to Beacon today - made so that our son Russ could inspect progress!!!
This is the small cupboard on the end of the sink/drainer run that I will use to store small foodstuffs.

The cupboard run that will house the hob - it will have set of 5 drawers, a large double cupboard, and another small cupboard for more foodstuffs at the end - and only a small corner space that will be easily accessible.

The same run, taken from the other end

At last - the weather has warmed up enough to start the painting - the roof is almost completed, just waiting for it's coat of anti-slip paint. Andy has started to mark up the cabin sides and will be starting on them next week, temperatures permitting.


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  1. Hi Roger n Pip, Great to see the progress on your boat.
    Our friend Sue from No Problem is busy off boat and unfortunately her blog has been infected with malware. She hopes to fix it asap.


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