Wednesday, 18 March 2009

White Goods galore....

Our fortnightly visit to Beacon took place yesterday, and we were pleased to find that the galley is taking shape now. All the appliances have now been delivered so Neil could get on building the cupboards.
The oven and grill, with the fridge underneath - the fridge is 'integrated' - so it will have a door that matches the rest. In the corner is the calorifier cupboard - the top part will be split into two - a wet cupboard and an airing cupboard

The fridge (aka 'the beer cupboard')

The condenser dryer

Big cupboard over the dryer - for all sorts of stuff, but not food as it may get a little warm! Originally washing machine was going to go in the bottom of this cupboard, with the dryer above it - but the washer proved to be just a little too deep, so we had to have a re-think. The washing machine and dryer cupboards will also have matching doors, although we may have to leave the ones on the dryer cupboard open while the dryer is in action - Neil has put loads of air grills and holes in the sides and back of the cupboard, so hopefully it will stay cool enough to leave the doors closed.

The washing machine is now going under the draining board, leaving a small cupboard under the sink, but big enough for the drinking water filter, and a few bits of cleaning stuff, which is all I would keep under the sink in any case. The big cupboard over the dryer will be far more use than a big cupboard under the sink and drainer, so I'm not too bothered about the change in design. There is also a small cupboard which opens the other way (into the corridor) for small packets and tins etc.
The shower room doors which Rog forgot to take a photo of last time, leaning against the bulkhead out of the way.

Neil and I deep in discussion about something! Captions please!

We also went up to Whalin Upholstery at Pinxton, north of Nottingham to choose the fabric for the dinette - there were so many to choose from that it was a bit daunting, as we hadn't really even got an idea what colour we wanted. We finally settled on a wine colour with a figured flower (a lily, I think) in a beigey colour, with a chenille type feel to it - difficult to describe, and, as usual, we forgot to take a photo! We did fall in love with a much paler fabric with a terracotta lily, but, with Cassie around, we knew it wasn't practical so we reluctantly discarded it.
We will be back at Beacon on Saturday, as our son has decided that he's coming home for Mother's Day, and wants to see the boat, so hopefully, more pictures then.


  1. Pip
    Have you got a date for Windsongs launch yet? And where might that be?

  2. "Neil, i did tell you the kithchen should have been down this end"
    Glad to see the progress. Can`t wait to see you both on the road.
    LES (NB Valerie)

  3. Lesley - not got a date yet, but will probably be towards the end of May now, as the painting has been held up because of the cold weather. The launch will probably be either at Pillings Lock Marina or at Shardlow. Hope things are going well for you with the house swap. x

    Les - thanks for the caption- good job it's not true!!! Thanks for your good wishes, hopefully see you in the summer.


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