Saturday, 28 March 2009

It's beginning to look like a proper boat.....

We received these photos emailed from Ali yesterday - Andy has really been able to crack on with the painting over the last week as the temperatures have at last been high enough. And doesn't it look great? (battleship grey never was my favourite colour!) The red and grey are still undercoat, but the black is the first of the top coats. The cream on the roof is finished, I think, but I can't quite tell from the photo if Andy has put the non-slip on yet. Not sure about the cream on the cabin side - I can't tell if it's top coat or undercoat. We will be going over again next Tuesday, so will find out then.


  1. Windsong looks just great! I am rather partial to that colour scheme!!!!

  2. Of course, all the best boats are black & red, although we will be having cream rather than grey. Not that there's anything wrong with grey I hasten to add :-)


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