Sunday, 11 April 2010

Bedlam in Banbury….

We hit Banbury at about 11.30 am yesterday morning (Saturday).  Hmm, perhaps not the best time to visit, but we like to make things ‘interesting’!  We found mooring spaces outside the Shopping Centre without too much trouble, and set off to get a few foody bits and pieces in M & S – glad we don’t have to shop there too often, or we’d be broke!  It was heaving, of course, but eventually,essentials all safely put away, Karen and I set off to explore a bit, and to do a bit of shopping that the blokes weren’t interested in.

We bought trainers and a baseball cap for me, and undies for Karen, and then we set off to find Banbury Cross and found the ‘fine lady on a white horse’ as well.

SDC10572 Banbury Cross

SDC10574 ‘Fine lady on a white horse’

We set off to leave at about 3 pm – when everyone else was setting off, naturally!  It was bedlam down at the lift bridge and lock, with too many boats all wanting to go in opposite directions – oh well, it was fun, and we sorted it all out eventually.


We moored just a little way out of Banbury, but decided to move on a little today to get a bit further away from the motorway – we are now moored just outside Kings Sutton.


  1. Well at you least didn't get verbal abuse of a little old dear, like I did in the middle of Banbury who insisted I put the lift bridge back down for her to cross, instead of which I let about 3 boats through, boy did she give me grief, I wouldn't of minded but the way she stormed over it when I eventually did she could quiet easily of walked around! Glad you are having a good time and the weather is better!

  2. Swallows and Amazons forever! Thought I'd catch up on progress after going AWOL just about the time you launched. Great to see you enjoying your life afloat and hope our paths cross at some stage. Bags be Nancy!

  3. Ali - no at least we didn't get that!!

    Greygal - great to see you back - we've missed you!! And yes - you can be Nancy!!

    Pip xx


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