Thursday, 1 April 2010

What happened to Spring?….

Yesterday morning we moved from Ansty to Rose Narrowboats to collect Karen and Ian’s other daughter and boyfriend, although we wished we hadn’t!!  The weather was rotten, driving rain and sleet, and a howling, very cold wind!!  By the time we reached Rose we were frozen to the core.  We then had a long wait to fuel up, tied 3rd abreast all their hire boats – not much fun!!

Kelly and Dave picked up, we headed on a bit further to find somewhere to moor, but were unlucky until Newbold.  The bright spot of the day was that the tunnel lights were on – the first time we’ve seen them.

SDC10533 Pretty – but why??

We found a couple of spaces to moor, but the bank was not good – horrible metal zig-zag sort of stuff, and the fenders are never in the right place.  The North Oxford is a rotten canal for mooring, considering how busy it is – it’s about time BW spent some money on it and put in some decent Armco and welcomed it’s visitors instead of seeming to ignore boaters needs.   The only decent moorings seem to be full up with ‘continuous moorers’  hippy hutches.

We set off for Hillmorton this morning in glorious sunshine, still cold, but much better than yesterday. We were going to fill with water at the water point near the big Tesco in Rugby, but it was impossible to get anywhere near it, the bank was so bad.


The water point at Hillmorton isn’t much better, but at least we were able to get the boat within jumping-off distance of the bank.  There were several hippy hutches moored on the water points at Hillmorton today.  One hastily got his hose out when he saw us coming, and then lent it to Serenity so he had an excuse not to move off when he was full!!  I’m fairly sure he will still be there this time next week – do something about it BW – see em off!!!

By the time we had finished watering, it was pouring with rain again, and we had a very soggy trip up the locks to where we are moored now.  The weather is set to continue into the Easter weekend, so I doubt whether we will move far for at least a couple of days – fed up now with getting wet and cold!!

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  1. Wheelbarrow wheels and tyres are ideal for this type of mooring, a rope through the axel and float them on the surface in the big recesses of the piling.
    As for continuous moorers on the water point is something that I haven't come across at Hillmorton water point.
    We like to moor a bit further down by the Golf Club


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