Monday, 5 April 2010

A lazy Easter….

We remained moored at the top of Hillmorton Locks through Friday and Saturday, but were getting fed up with the view so we moved yesterday, to Braunston, turning right at the  junction.  Braunston was even more chaotic than usual, with boats everywhere, not helped by two boats breasting up just by the junction, leaving barely enough room for a boat to squeeze through.  We managed to take on some water though, and then continued on our way, mooring up just by Bridge 100.  Karen cooked us all a lovely Easter Sunday dinner,  and we spent an enjoyable evening aboard Serenity.  We have remained here today – we decided not to brave the extremely strong, cold wind – there are plenty of people having to do just that as they have to go back to work tomorrow – shame!!

The weather forecast looks better for tomorrow and the rest of the week in general, so we will continue on our way then.

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