Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Woolly gongoozlers…..

We made the short hop from Hawkesbury to Ansty this morning, to drop off Serenity’s visitors.  Dodging the showers, we managed not to get wet.

Not much of interest along this bit of the North Oxford, just a few woolly gongoozlers:

SDC10530 First there was one

SDC10531 Then there were four

SDC10532 But they had a short attention span – either that or Mum told them not to be nosy!!

Tomorrow morning we will make our way to Stretton Stop, and Rose Narrow Boats to fill with diesel and collect Ian and Karen’s other daughter for a couple of days.


  1. I think you may find their diesel a bit expencive,If you are continuing north you may find Limetree at Newbold or Calcutt a better price.

  2. Thanks for that Brian. They are not cheap, but I only wanted a bit of domestic fuel and some gas, so not too bad.


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