Thursday, 25 March 2010

Geocaching again…

We spent the day at Alvecote yesterday as we had some time to waste.  Karen, Ian and I decided to go and look for a couple of geocaches that are in the area (Rog’s toe still isn’t up to walking very far, so he stayed on the boat).  After a few false starts we found one of them, but the second eluded us.  The co-ordinates kept showing it on the other side of the canal, although we knew it wasn’t.  We searched all the likely hiding places in the vicinity and came up with zilch, so we had to write that one off.

SDC10498 Karen and Ian with the cache, found in the hole in the concrete block

We had a lazy time for the rest of the day.  Ian tried out his new radio controlled boat, which Cassie didn’t like at all, and barked so much that we had to confine her to the boat.


This morning dawned fairly clear and mild so we decided to make the most of it and head a little further on, to Bradley Green, where we planned to service the boats.  It turned into a lovely warm morning,

SDC10504 The Warwickshire countryside was lovely in the sunshine and by the time we stopped at the water point we all had our coats off.

SDC10505 Breasted up waiting to fill with water

After servicing the boats we found a nice spot to moor a little further on, and Karen decided it was warm enough for a barbecue – is this a record, the earliest barbecue of the season?  Of course it was accompanied by beer and cider!!

SDC10512 SDC10511 Unfortunately the weather didn’t last long, and it soon clouded over and became chilly, but not before we had had our lunch.  It’s raining now!

We will stay here tomorrow, and then head up the locks on Saturday morning, in time to meet our visitors at Atherstone .

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  1. Pip
    Keep this quiet but, the meat looks a bit 'underdone'..
    It must be great to be back cruising again, enjoy your summer!!


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