Friday, 12 March 2010

Back on board….

SDC10474Sunset over Pillings Lock Marina on Monday evening

We moved back on board last Friday, and spent the weekend washing and polishing the boat in preparation for leaving for our summer cruise down to the Kennett and Avon and Bristol.  We have also turned out all the cupboards and got rid of a lot of stuff that we thought we couldn’t live without, but haven’t needed since we moved on board last June.  We have also had a duvet chucking out session as we bought a new one on Monday – the old winter one wasn’t warm enough. 

We made a quick trip back to Mum’s for a couple of nights as Rog had a follow-up appointment at the hospital.  What a total waste of time – the consultant didn’t seem interested in the fact that his toe is still very painful and still obviously infected, and also in the fact that he now has another sore on the outside of his foot – just shrugged and said that it was probably caused by a small embolus that was loosened when he had the angioplasty.  The toe and the sore will heal in their own good time, he says, within 2-4 months!  So Rog just has to grin and bear it for the moment!

We are now all set to start our journey on Sunday – the marina bill is paid, the tanks full of diesel, and all the washing done!  All that has to be done now is to return the hire car tomorrow, fill the water tank and empty the loo cassettes on Sunday morning and we will be off, meeting up with Karen and Ian on nb Serenity at either Sawley or Shardlow on Monday or Tuesday. 

Can’t wait!!!!


  1. Jaqueline Almdale USA12 March 2010 at 20:28

    Roger, I am a medicinal herbalist. You can order Usnea tincture from the Herb Pharm (order 2 bottles which is the amount you will need.) Usnea has been used for thousands of years--especially by First Nations tribes. It is a potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I have used it to very good effect to heal foot sores and stave off gangrene. Add 20 drops of tincture to a pan of warm water--just enough to cover your foot-sore area. Soak your feet every night, then air dry them thoroughly. Place one drop of the usnea tincture directly on the sore and cover with a sterile dressing or bandage before bedtime; it could provide you the healing and relief for which you are wont.

  2. Happy cruising... The tinture for 'red indians' might well be worth a try..

  3. Summer cruise! Its still winter up here although spring is definately trying to arrive!

    Have a brill time - Only slightly jealous - I know our time will come!

    Keep the blog up to date so we can keep up with you all


  4. Jaqueline - thank you, we will certainly try to get hold of some,but being on the move all the time it is a bit difficult to order stuff from the internet.

    Lesley - red-indian!!! Tut Tut, political incorrectness or what!! Haha xx

    Ali - you can come and meet us anytime you need, you know that. xx


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