Monday, 29 March 2010

Friends for the weekend….

On Saturday morning, although we were expecting them, we were surprised to get a text at 8.30 letting us know that our friends Ang and Tony had set off from Kings Lynn to come for the weekend.  8.30!!  Must be some sort of a record!!

We set off up the locks to meet them at  lock no 6 – and at about 11 o’ clock they arrived – armed with wine, cider, fresh eggs from their chickens, bacon, cake and daffodils.  We soon put them to work helping us up the rest of the flight, Ang staying with me to lock Windsong through, and Tony helping Ian with Serenity.

We moored right beside the Anchor just past Hartshill (funny old thing!!) at about 2pm.   Not a very salubrious mooring, and we were a trifle concerned about the the level of local ‘hoodies’ hanging around, but had no trouble.  Needless to say we thought we’d better check out the pub as we had a table booked for later that evening.

We set off towards Hawkesbury on Sunday morning after a hearty egg and bacon breakfast – thanks ‘girls’ the eggs were delicious!  The weather was much better that forecast, and we had a nice run.

SDC10523 On arrival at lunchtime, it was decided that we should visit the The Greyhound! (to obtain the phone number of a local taxi firm to ferry them back to their car) Well that was our excuse, and we’re sticking to it. (Contrary to popular opinion, we are NOT alkies, and don’t visit every pub we pass – just a lot of them!)

We had a great weekend.  Thanks both, for coming all this way to see us – have a good time in Bahrain Tony, and let us know when you hear about the new job.

This morning the weather was foul, Karen and Ian were now expecting guests, their daughter and her boyfriend.  By the time they arrived we had decided to stay put, so here we still are.  The forecast for tomorrow is dry so we will move on then.  The pub has a good offer on tonight – pie, chips and peas, and a pint for a fiver – it would be criminal not to partake!!

Some views of Hawkesbury Junction

SDC10526 The Greyhound


The beginning of the North Oxford – our route from tomorrow


The Junction bridge


This odd little Police Station is right on the junction of the two canals.

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