Thursday, 4 March 2010

Before and after….

The dinette alterations have now been completed..

pic_6 Before



and after

Although it has visually cut down the size of the ‘living areas’ of the boat , we have actually now got an extra nine inches on the saloon (and you girls out there will know how important those few extra inches are!).  The back of the new bench is removable, and we have a frame which fits onto the end when it is to be made into a bed which brings it back to the original 6ft 6in size, which meant that we didn’t have to have new cushions made.  We have also had the floor between the benches raised a few inches so my feet aren’t dangling in thin air.  And with the bigger table it will be a lot easier to feed 4 people without having to drag extra chairs out of the cupboard (where they are always buried under everything else!)

All things being equal, we are planning to move back onto the boat tomorrow.


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