Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Calling Granny Buttons….

After a lovely mornings cruising, in gorgeous spring-like weather, we arrived at Willington about 2.30 this afternoon.  We were sustained at lunchtime by bacon cobs from the cafe at Stenson lock.


Windsong and Serenity in Stenson Lock, our last shared lock until the Thames

We passed under  Bridge 20 at Stenson that has been re-built during the winter.  They have done a grand job, but not sure that it was worth a quarter of a million that it is reputed to have cost!

SDC10403 Before (in November)

SDC10481 And After (today)

On arrival at Willington, we found the lady from nb Bobcat waiting for us (sorry, can’t remember your name)  She said that Andrew Denny of nb Granny Buttons fame had been waiting hours for us to appear so he could photograph both us and Serenity in convoy for Canal Boat magazine.  But he’d got fed up waiting and gone home (he lives in Willington).  So Andrew, if you are reading this, we are both here, and will be leaving between 9.30 and 10 tomorrow morning if you still want a photo opportunity.  If you feel like saying hello beforehand, we will no doubt be in the Green Dragon for a meal tonight (or one of the other pubs if the GD is not doing food).   You will recognise us from our disreputable appearance, in company with Karen and Ian from Serenity who will not look disreputable at all, I’m sure!!

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