Sunday, 24 June 2012

Not far today….

Grand Union,  Weedon Bec  - Buckby Top Lock

We set off this morning in drizzle and expected to have to put our wet weather gear on, but it soon stopped.  Still very windy though!  We shared Buckby Locks with a lovely couple on nb Polestar, who, when asking which way we were heading, reminded us that Braunston Historic Boat Rally was on this weekend!  After a extremely short discussion  (about 2 milliseconds)we decided that we didn’t want to be caught up in that (been there, done that before!)  After the locks we had a quick look down the Leicester Section for a mooring, but it was rammed, so we reversed and moored up just a little way above Buckby top lock.  Rog checked that we had a telly picture for the ‘torture’ tonight, and then we went to the New Inn for lunch.  Deciding that we didn’t think we could do the full Sunday Lunch justice, we settled for a fish finger sandwich and a chip butty each!  Great – we both love fish finger sandwiches and hadn’t had one for ages.  We will do Braunston tunnel, and the locks tomorrow – there should be plenty of boats leaving the rally and coming towards us that it should make short work of the locks!


Part way up the Buckby flight


Waiting for Buckby top lock – plenty of water here!

4.3 miles and 7 locks


  1. It is good to read that you are out and about boating again,how is Cassie?

  2. Hi Lesley - yes, we're glad to be out at last! Considered coming down the Nene now the Northampton Arm is open again but decided against it this year with all the floods etc, also, didn't fancy getting stuck if they decided to close it again! Cassie is not too bad, the new meds she started on in Nov seem to have reduced the severity of her fits, and she seems to be going a bit longer between them. Don't think things will ever improve very much, but we keep trying! bet you are glad to be on the move again after your enforced stays, and to have MR back again. Give G & J our love. Maybe we might manage to catch up with you in the autumn when you came back into canal-land! xxx


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