Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rugby to Hawkesbury Junction….

Having made what for us was an early start, we hit Tesco and were on our way again, shopping completed, around 10 o’clock.  Not a great deal to say about this stretch of the North Oxford, and not a lot worth photographing either, hemmed in by trees as it is for much of it’s route.  I took the obligatory photo of the lights in Newbold tunnel, only one in every set of three is lit  – the Council has obviously had to cut costs!  I bet they are wishing they hadn’t wasted all that money installing them now.  Much of the towpath is very muddy and overgrown, but that’s normal for along here!



This stretch is a bit boring with not much to look at and no locks to break the monotony


A lot of the towpath is like a quagmire – I needed my ‘clarty boots’ on when I took Cassie for a tiddle run!

We are moored now on the visitor moorings above the stop lock just before the junction – the first time we’ve ever managed to moor here, much nicer here than the other side of the junction, lots of grass for Cassie.

A whopping 13.2 miles today and 0 locks!

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