Friday, 22 June 2012

Ready for the off….

As the weather was so appalling when we got up this morning, we decided to take our time getting the rest of our stuff together, get to the boat around lunchtime, and spend the afternoon putting everything away.  Normally we sling it all on the boat, get going and then stop and sort it all out.  But the wind is so strong and it’s been raining heavily on and off all day, there didn’t seem any point on getting cold and wet unnecessarily.  Everything is now shipshape and Bristol fashion, ready to leave in the morning when the weather is supposed to be better!


Ready and waiting!

0 miles and 0 locks


  1. Hi Rog & Pip,
    Pleased to see you are on the way and look forward to reading your progress. We hope that the weather improves for you and we can meet up sometime during the summer/autumn
    Ian & Jane

  2. Ian and Jane - yes, that would be good. Hope Murphy is back to full fitness now. Cassie sends woofs.


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