Thursday, 5 July 2012

Another soaking….

Trent and Mersey, Weston-on-Trent to Aston Marina

Having got soaked yet again yesterday morning, and having seen the weather forecast for the next few days we decided that enough was enough and pulled into Aston Marina for a few days.  I’ve used the laundry here to wash and dry bedding and towels – we have a washing machine and a dryer on board, but the dryer is a small one and although it will do towels, it takes ages as it’s a condenser dryer, and it’s a bit too small to dry a king size duvet cover, so it’s always nice to take the opportunity to use a big washer and dryer.  We sat out the rain yesterday afternoon, and this morning we got a taxi into Stone to do a bit of shopping.  Tomorrow is set to be very wet indeed, according to the forecast – the heaviest rain is due to be in Staffordshire!  Ironically enough, today has been dry, with sunshine and cloud, but very humid.

Aston Marina is quite large.  it has a Farm Shop and Bistro, and all the normal amenities.  The staff are very friendly, and at £10 a night, it’s not too pricey, as marinas go.


A new development of canal-side cottages at Weston, very sympathetically designed, we thought





All four above pictures are Aston Marina

6.25 miles and 2 locks


  1. Belted up Atherstone locks this morning/pm aftr 1 1/2 hour wait, trying to beat the rain forecast for 2pm (even re-checked forecast this am) only to have a hot sunny afternoon/evening - not complaining really! Now moored 1 mile on in lovely contryside and ready for tomorrow's battering. Time to catch up with my blog then!
    Linda, Kanbedun Again

  2. Can't say I blame you, although we have had a much better day today, it was dry until 4, when we had a couple of showers and had a few more since but nothing like last night. Tomorrow looks awful, think we may sit it out and do the Marple Flight on Saturday. The last time we went up Marple, it was cloudy by lock two, spitting by three, and thundering and lightening by the time we got half way up with the cloud closing in! Drenched not doing that again!

    Treat yourselves to an evening meal in the Bistro its well worth it!


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