Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Boat spotting….

Trent & Mersey, n of Rugeley to Weston-on-Trent

It was still very dull and damp when we set off this morning.  We were soon queuing at Colwich Lock, but only 2 boats in front of us, so not so bad.  After Colwich we were in the run up to Hayward Junction, passing Shugborough Hall.  We spotted fellow bloggers nb Piston Broke, moored at Little Hayward.  We gave them a toot but nobody appeared. 


We continued on to Hayward Junction and stopped to fill with water, empty cassettes and try and get a new drive belt for the engine as the Anglo Welsh yard there are Isuzu dealers.  No luck, but they said if we phoned them a couple of weeks before our return journey they would order one in and keep it for us.  While hanging around waiting for them to look for the belt I spotted Beacon’s No 5 boat, Goldcar Lily, possibly waiting for an engine service or some-such. 


Again Joyce and Derek were nowhere to be found – shame, it would have been nice to see them again.  We set off again, under a darkening sky and decided that we’d moor up when we found a suitable spot.  Passing Great Hayward Marina, we spotted another Beacon boat there, but couldn’t see the stern to find out which it was, but it was in Beacon’s unmistakable livery of black, red and cream, as are we.  It had to be either No 4, Ethelron,       No 7, Seventh Heaven or No 10 Singing Hinny, as  they are the only 3 in original Beacon livery that we don’t know the whereabouts of. 

We found a nice little visitor mooring between Hoo MIll Lock and Weston Lock.  Nice and quiet and with only room for a couple of boats - just as we like it, and got tied up before the rain arrived.  We’ve had showers most of the afternoon, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.



Tonight’s mooring, and the view

4.25 miles and 3 locks


  1. Its probably Singing Hinny as she was on hardstanding when we went past Great Haywood!

  2. Seventh Heaven was in Brinklow Marina this year, and maybe still is?


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