Saturday, 7 July 2012

Heading home….

We decided yesterday that we hadn’t the heart to continue on this journey, so  after a horrendous day yesterday, the weather matching our mood, when  it dawned dry and clear this morning, we left Aston Marina and set off for home.  There won’t be many blogs over the next week or so, unless  something worth writing about occurs,  so this one consists mostly of photos of the flooded conditions we encountered today.  We are moored below Haywood Lock for the night, opposite Shugborough Hall, and as I write this, it has begun to rain again. 


Last night in the marina – the water rose about 6 inches yesterday.  Only another couple of inches and the pontoons would have been under water!


Nb Potty Bucket, moored a few slips along from us, with a huge list on before her ropes were loosened!


The Trent, which runs alongside the canal – usually not much more than a wide stream


Flooded fields each side of the river


Flood water pouring from the fields into the canal


The river at Weston – more like a lake!




The two photos above are taken from Essex Bridge at Shugborough


Haywood Junction in the sunshine

8.5 miles and 4 locks


  1. We are amazed by your pictures!! Can't believe how much rain you must be having? But great to see them. Hope your journey back isn't too difficult for you both.

    Best Wishes Doug and James

  2. It's been terrible up in the Midlands! Thanks for your thoughts, hope all is well with you both. Pip & Rog

  3. Hi Both.

    We were both so very sorry to hear your sad news. As you know we lost Ben suddenly a month before the boat was launched and like you, we were there when he was sent to doggy heaven. Without doubt, the hardest and most upsetting thing I have experianced.


    I think it would be a mistake to go home now. And the weather may brighten up, honest.

    Thinking of you both.

    Love Ali & John

    1. Ali and John - Going home may not be exactly the right thing to do, but we both feel it's what we want at the moment. We will have a week or so to get used to boating without Cassie, then we can get used to being at home without her. If we stayed out, we will have to go through it all over again when we did eventually go home. We will probably go out again in a few weeks when we feel more on an even keel, and think then it won't be so hard to go home again. But thanks for your concern - if we don't manage to meet up this year on the boats, hopefully you'll come over and see us on one of your trips to Northampton later in the year. We are following your travels in earnest, and may follow in your footsteps next year. Lotsa love xxx

  4. It's hard, isn't it? Thinking of you.



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