Monday 2 September 2013

Back to wide locks…..

We moored last night at Foxton a little way up the Harborough Arm as it’s much quieter up there, so Rog reversed the boat out through the swing bridge this morning.  The 'dreaded’ Leicester locks started today, 27 locks, all wide, and all poorly maintained.  We shared the first 5, which wasn’t so bad, but did the next 7 alone, which was quite hard work – the second bottom gate always swung open when Rog was driving the boat out which meant going round the lock to close it, only to have it swing open in the wind again as we pulled away.  I worked them all as I don’t like driving the boat in wide locks alone, especially when it’s windy, like it was today.  We are moored now just short of Kilby Bridge, where we will use the ‘felicities’ tomorrow morning, and then get cracking on the 15 locks through Leicester – all horrible and lots of them have anti-vandal locks on.


Tonight’s mooring


And finally…Ozzy seems to be enjoying having a new ‘garden’ every day

9.5 miles and 12 locks

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