Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Derwent Mouth to Swarkestone…..

Not a very great deal to blog about today.  We awoke to a bit of brightness, but it soon clouded over and started to spit with rain.  We came through Shardlow without stopping, apart from for the lock which was leaking horribly – in fact they are all very poorly maintained up this stretch, with very stiff gear and incredibly heavy gates.  We shared the first three locks with a cruiser, and I was constantly in fear that we would crush them against the side of the lock, so fierce was the undertow in the very deep locks!  It was a bit of a relief when they got so far ahead that they had already worked up the fourth lock by the time we got there.  By lunchtime it was raining quite heavily so we decided to stop about half a mile above Swarkestone lock.  Sorry, no photos today – nothing much worth photographing.

7 miles and 4 locks

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