Saturday, 21 September 2013

Home James, and don’t spare the horses…..

As we left Norton Junction this morning it was spitting with rain – again!  As I walked to Buckby Top Lock, windlass in hand, a head poked out of a moored boat asking if we were heading down the locks, and could they join us.  Needless to say I agreed, and we shared all 7 locks in the Buckby flight with nb Marmite.  It kept trying to rain, on and off, but it never amounted to much.  We then settled in for the 3 or so hour trog for Gayton Marina.  This stretch is ok, but never much to write home about, and I’ve taken so many photos already that I decided to spend much of the time inside the boat, packing things up.  We passed a moored nb Hadar, we gave them a beep, but nobody appeared, so we assume they weren’t on board.  Sorry to have missed you both.  We then came upon nb Willow Two, fellow Beacon boat, out for their regular weekend jaunt, and stopped to have a natter for 20 mins or so.  Then we continued on to Gayton, packed up the car and were home by just after 3 o’clock.

It’s been an enjoyable trip, and hopefully we’ll be able to get out again before we need to winterise.

Here endeth the blog for the time being.  I hope all our regular readers have enjoyed journeying with us, and that we have found some new readers along the way.

Ta ta for now.

12.5 miles and 7 locks

Journey total – 167 miles and 113 locks


  1. Hi Pip & Roger,
    Well of course we enjoyed being along for the ride, so to speak :) Now that you've blown the cobwebs away and exercised your windlass arm don't keep us waiting for your Autumn cruise... LOL

    1. Jill, Matilda Rose21 September 2013 at 22:42

      Still quaking in my boots at the very thought of Roger being forced to go commando!!
      Kevin Too - what are you doing on here as well? Have you no loyalty to your tiller girls? LOL

  2. Kevin Too - That WAS the Autumn cruise!!! If we get put again in will just be for a few days here and there.

    Jill - Rog says, be afraid, be very afraid!!


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