Sunday, 26 April 2009

The family visits...

Our daughter Emma, along with husband Ben, and our two gorgeous granddaughters, Florence, aged 3 1/2 and Amelia (Milly) aged 2, visited this weekend so that we could take them to have their first look at Windsong. Florence had been very excited about seeing it, and after being shown inside, was fairly nonchalant - you could hear her thinking "Ok, seen it now - let's go". Milly was just happy to sit on the floor eating Smarties, until she discovered Ali's biscuit tin, and the Jaffa cakes inside! Unfortunately, we were all off the boat by the time Rog went back on to take the photos, so there aren't any of the girls on the boat.

That's Ben and Milly on the left of the picture. It also gave us an opportunity to have a proper look at the signwriting, and we are very impressed. Sheila had also started on the mid-way scroll, but hadn't done the shading as she needed to know whether we wanted some red in it instead of black, as, of course, black wouldn't show up. We decided to take her recommendation as she's the one who knows what will look best. She will be back to start on the other side next tomorrow and Tuesday, and then back to finish off the following Tuesday, as she has another job on starting on Wednesday.

Looking fantastic!!

The cupboards are all back in the galley now, and Neil has made me a lovely little cupboard in the corner over where the drainer will be - it will be handy for tea and coffee, or maybe for glasses - not sure yet. The granite worktops have not arrived as expected, but I'm sure will be there soon. After they are fitted and the sink and hob installed, there won't be much left to do in the galley, just the final installation of the oven and other appliances, and the fitting of the overhead cupboards, and the rest of the cupboard doors.

Above is the 'wine and beer cellar' (also for fresh veggies) - it will keep everything lovely and cool, sunk into the galley floor.

Another trip up next Friday - hopefully with another set of visitors, so more photos then.


  1. Hi Pip - NB Windsong looks beautiful. I sell/fit granite. If you have a problem with your worktops - please contact me.

  2. Hi Pip & Roger
    Windsong is looking great. Not long to go now, so bet you're getting excited!

  3. Excited isn't the word!! The odd bit of panic setting in as we try to sort out the house and stuff, but hey ho.


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