Thursday, 30 April 2009

Swallows and Amazons porthole glass....

Bonnie has done a great job with the glass to go in the small oval portholes in the bow doors. The colours are fused glass and the black detail is painted in. The rocks are 'bumpy' glass to give it texture. We are delighted with our Swallows and Amazons touch!

The picture is a copy of the front of the latest edition of the 'Swallows and Amazons' book, which we think that, in it's turn, is a copy of the picture on the original First Edition.

I've just had a text from Ali telling me that she has put the blacking on. We are going over again tomorrow, taking our friends Ang and Tony to see progress, so more photos over the weekend.


  1. I have just started following your blog recently, what a stunning boat! the carpentry inside looks top notch too. I bet you cant wait to get her on the water. I see your little crew members have been inspecting Windsong, they look so tiny next to her! your port hole glass will be a nice personal touch on the boat. Anyway heres hoping your not waiting too long for launch date! Good Luck and Take care, i will follow your blog with interest. Debbie Nb Tickety Boo.

  2. Debbie - thanks for your lovely comments - we agree, Windsong is a stunning boat, and we are already very proud of her, and very grateful to Ali, Neil and Andy at Beacon for their care and attention to detail - we certainly feel lucky to have found them. We will look out for you on our travels.
    Pip & Roger

  3. Roger and Pip,
    Dianne and I (N011) with you both all the very best on your launch day tomorrow. Looks like the weather will just about hold for you. Don't forget to post loads of photees up!

  4. Thanks for the wishes. Launch went well (in the end) too tired to blog tonight, but will do a launch one tomorrow.


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