Saturday, 2 May 2009

Looking Amazing...

The external painting is almost finished, and Windsong is looking amazing!!! Friends Ang and Tony arrived yesterday morning, and we bundled them straight into the car as we wanted to get to Beacon as early as possible because Ali, Neil and Andy had promised themselves a long weekend doing anything BUT think about our boat - they certainly deserve it - and we didn't want to make them too late getting away. Ang and Tony were blown away by it all, and we will probably never be forgiven if they aren't our first visitors after she is launched!

Front decoration - courtesy of Andy

Chrome mushroom vents are installed

As are the Houdini hatches, and the stern hatch, also the ports on the starboard side

The finished scroll mid-way along the starboard side

Sheila just completing the scroll mid-way along the port side

More work is nearing completion inside as well - Neil did much head-scratching to make my version of a boatman's cupboard just as I wanted it - with a curved glass door in the top portion to serve as a display cabinet for my small collection of jugs. I am over the moon with the result, it is exactly as I wanted it (idea stolen unashamedly from nb Caxton - thanks Lesley)

My beautiful cupboard

The upholstery for the dinette has also arrived, and looks as good as we had hoped

The granite worktops have also been installed now, and look stunning

After leaving the good folks at Beacon to get on with their weekend, we repeated last week's expedition to 'The Boathouse' at Barrow-upon-Soar for lunch, again taken in the garden, where I proceeded to get a bit sunburned. We then repeated our walk of last week as well, stopping at the lock to gongoozle as one boat left and another entered. All in all, another lovely day, and although the only person to actually do anything was Rog, who drove, we were all knackered by the time we got home again about 5. A great evening, with bacon and leek pasta, garlic bread, raspberry pavlova (that's the diet blown for this week - again! ) and much alcohol, was had by all. Ang and Tony have gone home again now, to collect some rescued battery hens to add to the cockerel they already have, so we will expect some fresh eggs next time we see them.


  1. Looking at all your latest pics is really firing us up with enthusiasm as November approaches and we will be able to see the keel put down on our Beacon boat!
    Keep clicking away.
    Keith and Dianne

  2. Your granite worktops look fab. Who supplied them?

  3. Hi Pip & Roger
    Your boat is looking fantastic, credit to Beacon & XR&D and your design, we have been following your blog for some time and are really envious that you are so close and we have what seems so long before we get our Beacon Boat in 2011, but watching your build has confirmed that we have definitely made the right choice! We are hoping to get to Beacon and have a look at Windsong before you launch it!

    Ali & John

  4. Hi Keith and Dianne, and Ali and John - we know how you all feel - Windsong was years in the planning!
    But never fear, November will soon be here for you both, and I'm sure that 2011 will come round sooner than you think, and you certainly have made the right choice! Keep reading the blog - we will be continuing it with our adventures, and hopefully we can all meet up on the cut sometime - keep in touch
    Pip and Roger

  5. Paul - the granite worktops were supplied by Quorn Stone,in Quorn, Leicestershire. ( If you look in the Jan 30th blog post, called Drawers, drawers everywhere, there is a close up picture of the sample piece. We are very pleased with them.
    Pip and Roger


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