Saturday, 23 May 2009


Just a little quickie post to say we went to Crick today, (sorry, no photos). We were struck by how much smaller it was than in previous years - lots of space between the stands. We didn't dare go on any of the boat exhibits in case we found something that we really would have liked on Windsong - too late now!

We met up with Ali from Beacon, and her sister, Helen, and Bonnie from Purpleglass, in the beer tent at lunchtime, and partook of one or two of their finest ales!! Well, it would have been rude not to! We also met up with the owners of one of Beacon's previous boats, Golcar Lily, and had a chat with them.

We also bumped into some future owners of a Beacon Boat - they are due to be No 11. Really sorry, but I can't remember your names, but I know you read the blog, lovely to see you.

Also spotted were nb Sanity (nobody on board) and we went for a wander and found Derwent6 (again, nobody on board). We did, however, find Lesley and Joe on board Caxton, taking a rare day off from their bungalow refurbishment. It was lovely to see you both again - we will meet up on the cut sometime very soon.

And last, but by no means least, we called in to see Paul and Maria, of Heartwood Narrowboats, who we met a couple of years ago. They have just become grandparents - congratulations to you both.

Of course, we spent money! Bought a set of clock, barometer, and thermometer in chrome, some rope for spares, some trousers that the legs zip off into shorts for Rog, and a couple of medium weight fleeces, as ours are getting very disreputable, and are fit for nothing but the bin.
We were disappointed, however, that the people selling Turtle Mats didn't seem to be there as we wanted a couple of new ones. Oh well, will have to put the old ones through the washing machine and make do with them for the time being!

Our most outrageous purchase, price-wise, was our lunch -£4.00 each for a bacon bap, and a burger bap!! Well over-priced! I know that the food is usually on the expensive side, but that was ridiculous. I also know that we could have gone elsewhere, but it was nearly 3 'clock by then, and we were starving. Some of these catering firms certainly know how to rip people off.
Ok - rant over!

All in all, we had a nice day. The weather was kind to us for a change, and we enjoyed some convivial company. If we go next year we will be on the boat, and able to enjoy the evening entertainment. We look forward to that.

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