Friday, 8 May 2009

Not stalking you - honest!!!.....

We went to Beacon again today, this time with son Russ, and Nat, his girlfriend, to introduce her to the boat. No new photos this time - we'd only given them 3 days to do any work because of the Bank Holiday weekend. Work, of course had been done - frames/liners for the houdinis and the side hatches, fender holders and various other bits and pieces, and the painting is now complete, but not really much to photograph this time. Still, never mind, we probably won't be able to go up next week so there will be plenty to see the week after. We will be spending most of next week in a transit van, ferrying various items of furniture, goods and chattels to various members of the family, and we have decided to put all the boat items that we have accumulated into storage at Melton Mowbray. That way we won't have to go so far to ferry them all to the boat when it is ready. We will then be able to 'see the wood for the trees' at home and decide what else needs to be done. We will take a marina mooring at Pilings for a week or two after launch so we can get sorted out before heading for Sawley for their Open Weekend.

We needed to go to Millar Marine at Shardlow for some Epifanes paint to finish painting the plank/ladder, so decided to find a pub there for lunch - we went to 'The Navigation' and had an OK, but not great, lunch, and then headed off to have a walk along the towpath. And guess who we spied on the visitor moorings - yes, you guessed it - Derwent6! Again! Honest guv - we're not stalking you! We had a chat with Del and Al for a while then headed off as Russ and Nat had to get back for a Ball tonight. Del and Al, it was great to see you both again - be sure that we will come and see you at Crick and have a good gander inside then. Have a good trip.

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