Thursday, 28 May 2009

'Houston - we have a GO for launch'!!!.......

... and the BIG day is next Thursday 4th June!

It's happening at Pillings Lock Marina, Flesh Hovel Lane, Quorn, Loughborough, LE12 8FE. Anybody who would like to come and watch and share our 'moment' is very welcome. Craning at Beacon Boats is starting at about 7.30 to 8am, so launch could be any time from about 9.30 to 10am onwards, depending on traffic. The lorry has to come a very long way round because it can't get through some of the villages so it could take a while. So, if you don't want to miss it, get there early. Pillings Lock Marina has a lovely cafe, so that's where you'll find us, tucking into a 'full English' after our early start from Northampton, while we await Windsong's arrival. We did think about following it over, but decided that it would be too nerve-wracking, so will go and stuff our faces instead! Well, we'll have to line our stomach's in preparation for the celebrations!

Today we had probably our last trip to Beacon before the big day, and the photos are below:

Back steps - Bless him, Neil has remembered my little problem with my knees, and made four steps rather than three to make life easier for me

Overhead cupboards in the galley, with lights underneath

The fireplace - the two picture tiles are a souvenir from our Silver Wedding Anniversary trip to New England in 2000

Side hatch inner windows - now glazed

The telly attached to the cabin side, looking very lonely and waiting for it's cabinet to be built around it

Reading lights in the saloon

Reading lights in the bedroom

Rog taking a photo of himself taking a photo - in the bedroom mirror

Trying once again to get a photo of Ali - she's more camera shy than I am!

We are busy getting ready to move out of our RAF house on Saturday, so the next blog will probably be the launch - watch this space....


  1. Hi Pip & Roger

    That's great news I bet you can't wait. We went to Crick and got some great ideas, we saw Gary & Lee but although we were there all day we never saw Ali! Unfortunately we didn't know what you looked like so didn't know who we were looking for! Hope the launch goes well, we went to Beacon last Friday to have a look around Windsong before the launch and we were really impressed and also very envious as it seems ages before we will have our NB! We are going to go to Sawley so hopefully will meet you then.

    Good luck & post some photos!


  2. We are so excited, just can't wait. Sorry we missed you at Crick, but look forward to meeting you at Sawley. A beer awaits.


  3. Hi Pip/Roger
    Really pleased for you both. I would love to be there for the launch but i`m up on the Bridgewater canal, but no matter i look forward to meeting you both again on the water.

  4. Great news! Look forward to seeing the Launch on your blog. Not many " sleeps " now, the day will soon be here! Hoorar! Take care, Debbie NB Tickety Boo.

  5. Thanks all for the kind comments. Can't wait until Thursday and the week after when we can start to move on.


  6. Good Luck for tomorrow!


  7. Thanks Alan ,getting excited now!!!


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