Thursday, 30 April 2009

A lovely afternoon at Barrow on Soar

When we left Beacon on Friday we went for lunch at 'The Boathouse' at Barrow, with a garden right beside the river. We had a lovely lunch and there was plenty of room for the girls and the dogs to play. Boswell (Emma and Ben's dog) is a very handsome Hungarian Vizsla with a lovely nature, and our Golden Retriever, Cassie, is in love with him!! He loves the water, and Ben spent ages throwing a tennis ball into the river for him to bring back. Cassie, who doesn't like swimming, but will paddle, decided that she would launch herself into the river as well, such is her devotion to her hero. She didn't stay in many seconds though, and spent the rest of the time drying out! After lunch we went for a long walk beside the river, all had an ice cream, and found a perfect tree for climbing and photos.

Flo climbing trees with Daddy

Made it!

Big ice cream

Emma, Ben and the girls - with Boswell in the bottom right-hand corner

Nanna and Granddad (aka Dandan) with the girls


  1. Nice to see a family letting their children enjoy fresh air and tree climbing not sitting in front of a TV or computer.
    Nb "Windsong" is looking great! maybe will will moor up to you at the Sawley open days so people can see two of "Beacons" boats.
    Will see you when she is put into the water at Pillings
    Good Luck
    Les and Susan of Nb "Merryweather"
    Beacon Boats No 8

  2. Les and Susan - The girls would go mad if they had to stay indoors all day long - too young for a computer yet, although they do like their fair share of CBebees every now and again!

    Hope you can join us at Sawley, it will be good for people to see two completely different versions and show how versatile Beacon are. Hope to see you both at the launch.
    Pip & Roger


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