Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Going solo…..

River Soar – Loughborough to Thurmaston – 6 hours,  11 miles and 5 locks

After a fond farewell to Ali and Neil after I had fed them last night (at least that way I know that they have had a decent meal for once!) we set off on our own this morning for the first time (in this boat!).  We cruised to Barrow on Soar where we used the ‘felicities’ at Barrow Boating -  got rid of the rubbish, filled the water tank and emptied both loo cassettes in preparation for a days’ cruising through Leicester tomorrow.  The Soar is lovely along this stretch, and we couldn’t have had better weather.


DSC00112  The ‘Climbing Tree’ featured in an earlier post when we walked to it with our grand-daughters – but this time from the river!

DSC00114Tonight’s mooring at Watermead Country Park

DSC00115Cassie decided where we should moor – she just flopped down and went to sleep!

Tomorrow we will make an early(ish!) start to get through Leicester, heading for Kilby Bridge – I must unpack my muscles before we set off as we have about 17 locks to do!


  1. Hi Pip and Roger

    Congratulations on achieving the dream. It looks great. When will we get some shots of the finished interior. Having followed the building progress it would be great to have a peek at the end product with everything in place - including your van load!


    Amanda and David

  2. Hi

    Great to meet you both (and the other Beacon owners!) What great weather to set off for your summer cruising! Give a thought to those of us having to go to work, who would rather be with you on the canals! Never mind only a week and a bit until we pick up our hire boat for 2 weeks!

    Take care

    Ali & John

  3. Well done Windsong Crew!!! Matilda Rose are on the Soar at the moment maybe you will see them. Enjoy the dream and we hope we will meet you on the system in the very near future!

  4. Amanda - you won't believe it, but we forgot to take any! However Neil from Beacon took some for their website so will get them from there.

    Ali and John - great to meet you both too - I suspect that there will be many more ciders drunk next time we meet! Enjoy your week on the hire boat - where are you going to be cruising?

    Lesley - we did see them, but totally forgot when I caught up on the blog to mention it! How awful, what am I like?? They found us in Loughborough, and we had a good old chinwag. Have a lovely summer cruise with them, we will try to catch up with you in the autumn.

    Pip & Rog


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