Wednesday, 24 June 2009

To Sawley, at Sawley, and back again….

Thurs 18th – Sun 21st June

We cruised to Sawley on Thurs 18th in company with Les on nb Merryweather, another Beacon boat with a permanent mooring at Pillings.  Cassie proceeded to fall in off the back of the boat before we had gone half a mile!! 

I was even brave enough to take the helm on the Trent – there was a lot of water – even waves!!



Friday was spent cleaning and polishing the boat ready to be ‘shown’ at Sawley’s Summer Festival

On Saturday morning we were joined by nb Serenity, Beacon Boats No 6 – and met Karen and Ian.  Karen is ‘Boatwoman Extraordinaire’ and executed a perfect reverse to moor alongside Merryweather.DSCF0065

DSCF0067 Ali’s 3 babies

We had a very exhausting time doing nothing while the general public looked over, and admired Windsong – we were very proud and had some lovely comments.  We also got re-acquainted with Mick and Ingrid, who are having No 10, and Keith and Diane from Bristol who have a slot booked for No 11, and met Jeff and Barbara (No 3) and Ali and John who are in line for No 13 (or No 14 if they decide not to use 13!) A great time was had by all, the beer tent was well frequented – and this writer got ever so slightly tiddley on Haymaker cider!

On Monday we made our way back to Loughborough, again in company with Merryweather, this time having been joined by Les’s wife Susan, where we remained until this morning so that Neil could put a couple of shelves in cupboards for me.  Les and Susan carried on a little way so we said our farewells – many thanks go to them both for their company and generosity.

DSCF0080Susan and I working hard

DSCF0078Cassie is not quite sure yet whether she likes this boating lark or not!

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