Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Still Alive & Kicking

Sorry, not really had any chance to blog lately, we have been so busy with moving on and Beacon finishing off the 'odd' jobs that needed doing.

Windsong is fantastic and we are now starting to feel settled in (we can actually see the floor now!!). We will be at Sawley for their open weekend this coming weekend (2o/21) so if anyone is around you would be very welcome to pop in and see us (the odd beer might be on offer).

Cheers for now


  1. Dianne and Keith will certainly be there for a beer! Cheers.

  2. Hi guys, where are you & which way are you pointing? We're pointing towards Sawley & just North of Leicester (Watermead Park)as of 5.00pm Weds 17th. Matilda Rose

  3. Hi all
    Dianne & Keith, look forward to meeting you.

    Jill & Graham
    We are in Pillings Lock Marina at the moment, leaving tomorrow morning to move to Sawley and will be there Fri/Sat/Sun.


  4. Hi

    Glad things are going well. We will see you on Saturday at Swaley!

    Ali & John

  5. Hi Pip & Roger
    Glad everything is going well and you're getting yourself sorted. Sorry we can't make the weekend, but hopefully will see you at some point out cruising. Have fun x

  6. Hi Pip and Roger,
    We will be coming up to Sawley on Sunday. Where will you me moored so we can claim that beer???
    Diannd and Keith


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