Monday, 29 June 2009

Just chillin’….

Saturday 27th June

We decided to stay where we were as it was a lovely peaceful spot, and have a day just relaxing.   We took Cassie for walks, caught up on the house (boat?) work, and emails. Photos below are of our mooring, the bottom one is Rog trying to be artistic with the reflection on the water.

DSCF0006 DSCF0004


Sunday 28th June

When we awoke we decided to move on to Foxton (after previously saying that we were steering clear of Foxton at the weekend!) as we needed water.  It was just as manic as ever!  We each thought that the other had taken some photos, but obviously not, as when we downloaded from the cameras there weren’t any!  After we had filled up we went to Bridge 61, and partook of their lovely cold cider, and a burger from the unfortunate chef who had drawn the short straw and was barbi-ing outside.  Poor chap looked fit to drop it was so hot!  We got chatting, as you do, with a lovely family who were on their boat – Water Impulse, who were heading down the arm later that day, and said we’d see them tomorrow.  We returned to the boat, needing a siesta before our booked meal that evening in The Locks.  I have to say that it was mediocre at best – we both had roast beef.  The beef was tough and overcooked, the Yorkshire pud, although large, was dry and tasteless, and everything except the roast potatoes was only luke warm.  The pud made up for it though!

Monday 29th June

We made a quick trip back to Debdale Wharf this morning to fill up with diesel so we could get an idea of how much we were using.  What lovely friendly people they were, even the ducks were friendly!

DSC00120And what a lovely quiet marina – if ever we decide to have a permanent mooring we will definitely look there.  The diesel was reasonably priced too, 52p a litre. After refuelling we returned to Foxton and headed straight up the arm to Market Harborough.  We came in the car to look at the basin on one of our ‘canal fix’ trips last year, and loved it. 

DSC00123Water Impulse at Market Harborough – didn’t get their names, but will look out for them again.

DSC00125 Windsong entering the basin

DSC00132 Rog executing a tricky reversing manoeuvre

DSC00134 Windsong moored just outside the basin – in the shade!

We will stay here tonight and tomorrow and head back to Foxton and up the locks on Wednesday.  We plan to have a good old rummage around the town tomorrow.

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  1. Hi

    Glad its going well, you sound like you are having a real relaxing time, and what fab weather, hope it stays like this! Keep the pic's coming, so we can keep up with where you are.



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