Thursday, 5 November 2009


We stayed at Alrewas on Tuesday, and spent the time doing a few jobs, and going for a walk.  It’s a pretty village, and we found a bungalow that we’d like to buy for when we are too decrepit to go boating any more.  Unfortunately, the £599,999 price tag might as well be 5 million as far as we are concerned, it’s so far out of our reach!! It had a huge conservatory overlooking the canal, which we fell in love with, and also a little summer house.  Oh well, dream on!!!


SDC10382 Bridge leading to the village

SDC10383River Trent

SDC10384 Alrewas Lock


Cassie trying to make a new friend, but he wouldn’t play!



Two benches with pretty carved backs

SDC10389 We left yesterday morning, and travelled about 5 miles to Branston

SDC10390 Lovely morning, shame about the traffic on the A 38

SDC10391 We pulled into Barton Turns Marina to fuel-up and empty the loo – it’s all very posh, with a new development of designer shops.

We are now moored at Branston, just beside the Water Park, another nice place to walk Cassie.  We will move on tomorrow as far as Horninglow as she has an appointment with the vet there for another blood test to check the levels of medication are correct.


  1. Hiya

    Bungalow looks lovely but John would say no - potential of flooding!!

    Sent you an email but not sure if you got it, we are visiting Beacon on Sat 21/11 and wondered if you were free if we could come and see you?(if we can find you!)


  2. Nice to see in your pic of Alrewas Lock that a new landing stage has been built. The one i used was most dangerous with most of it collapsed.


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