Monday, 30 November 2009

Full Circle

We set off on Saturday morning in the hope that boats were still being let through the stoppage at Sawley flood lock, and yes, we got through ok.  Then on to the Trent, which was high, but ‘in the green’.  The Trent in November – we must be mad, it was freezing!!

SDC10409 Sawley Lock



The Trent

We were planning on getting to Kegworth, where we knew there were decent moorings above the Otter, but we were so cold by lunch-time that we stopped a little short, just above Kegworth Deep Lock.  We had just got ourselves sorted when we found that we were surrounded by rowers!  They were everywhere, doing time-trials, and we found out that there was a big race going on a little further up-river, so it’s a good thing that we stopped when we did!  They crews were mostly university students, but there were a few ‘oldies’ and also a few youngsters too.  They all looked freezing as they queued alongside us waiting their turn.  They were all good natured though, we could have flogged hot soup through the side-hatch and made a fortune!

SDC10414 SDC10415 SDC10416 SDC10417

We continued on to Loughborough on Sunday morning.  After some heavy rain first thing, it became a beautiful morning and the Soar was looking at it’s best.

SDC10421 SDC10422 SDC10420

Our friends Karen and Ian on nb Serenity moor at Kegworth, and they were standing at the rivers’ edge to wave as we went by.

We stopped in Loughborough to do a quick shop in Sainsbury’s and then continued on to Pillings Lock Marina, where we launched in June,  so we have come full circle.  We will be resident here for the next two or three months.  The work is due to start on the dinette in early January, and then, in early February I shall be going down to High Wycombe to help out with our two granddaughters when Emma goes into hospital to have the baby.

There won’t be many posts over the next few months I’m afraid – there won’t be much to blog about, but I will do one from time to time to let all our fans out there know that we are still alive and kicking.


  1. welcome back to pillings!

  2. Surprised we haven't seen you yet - come for a cuppa soon. xx


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