Sunday, 8 November 2009

Christmas dinner….

We arrived at Horninglow wharf in Burton On Trent just before lunchtime on Friday, and, after we had watered and loo’d, we reversed up a bit to moor for a day or two.  Not the loveliest of moorings, but at least safe for Cassie.  We took Cassie to the local vet to have her blood test, to check the levels of her Epilepsy medication, the results of which we will get by phone in a week or so.

Rog was drooling as we came into Burton – past all the breweries – there was a yard just full to bursting with kegs of Marston’s Pedigree, but I was too slow to get a photo before it disappeared behind some trees.


We got the bus into Burton town centre on Saturday morning, as I needed more wool for my marathon baby-knitting spree, and were pleasantly surprised.  It is a nice town, with a full range of shops and three shopping centres, although we only went into two of them.  We found a great knitting and sewing shop where all the assistants knew their stock, and I came out with a pattern for an all-in-one suit which Emma had intimated that she’d like for the new baby.  Just got to fathom the pattern out now, as it looks a bit complicated for my basic knitting skills!!  So far I’ve completed two cardigans – it would have been three, but I made a boo-boo with the amount of wool, and the third is short a sleeve!!! Never mind – I might make it into a sleeveless cardi instead.

We didn’t feel like moving today, so we’ve had a domestic day instead.  I got the vacuum out and we can now see the floor again.


We had some visitors today – we fattened them up for Christmas dinner!

Will move on a bit tomorrow, probably to Willington, will need to water and empty the loo again before we leave, that’s if the Shakespeare Line hire boat has moved off the water point that it’s been on since yesterday afternoon!

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