Thursday, 19 November 2009

Foul weather boaters?….not if we can help it!!!!!

We had to move from opposite Mercia Marina yesterday as we were getting desperate for water and to empty the loos so we retraced our steps twenty minutes back to Willington.  It was a foul morning, driving rain and high winds, but, needs must.  We also popped down to the little Co-Op to replenish a few supplies, although their shelves were not what you would call ’well stocked’                                                           

We also needed to top up with fuel so after shopping we winded the boat and returned the way we had come, just about 45 minutes eastwards.  We stopped at Stenson’s Boatyard and filled with diesel.  By this time we were both wet through,cold  and fed-up, and there was a mooring spot just opposite the Marina so we grabbed it.  We rewarded ourselves with a bacon and egg bap and a latte for lunch in the cafe beside the lock, which lifted our spirits, and then lit the fire and snuggled down for the afternoon.

SDC10399 This morning we were undecided as to whether to move  on to Shardlow or not, as the weather, although windy, was dry.  A phone call to Dobson’s Boatyard later, the decision to stay where we are was made.  Shardlow visitor moorings are chock full to bursting, probably due to the stoppage at Sawley Flood Lock.  We popped over the canal to Stenson’s and were told that we could use their Elsan, and could fill up with water if we need to, so we are set to stay here, at least over the weekend as the weather is set to be foul again tomorrow and Saturday.  So, Ali and John, if you are reading this, we are at Stenson Lock, if you still want to come out and visit us on Saturday, and Karen and Ian, there is a pub here for Sunday lunch, but will speak to you all on the phone before then.

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  1. Hi
    We are still coming if that's ok! Will give you a ring as we leave Beacon.



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