Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Back on the move again….

I haven’t blogged for a while as the connection in Great Hayward Marina is lousy.  However, after over a week, we are back on the move again.

We went into the Marina on Monday 19th as the weather forecast was for gales and heavy rain, and we thought that it would be easier for Tim and Lisa from Staffordshire canopies to fit the pram hood as there might be a bit of shelter.  As it happened, it had to be cancelled totally for Tuesday 20th as the weather was appalling, and it was put back to Wednesday, weather permitting.

Wednesday dawned cloudy if breezy, and the fitting went ahead.




SDC10371Fitting commenced



SDC10376 The finished article

It makes a huge difference to the temperature in the boat, and is somewhere to take off wet coats and shoes in bad weather.  Of course, we travel with it folded down.

On Thursday we hired a car and went to Northampton to spend a few days with Mum, and to get Cassie to a vet.  A few  weeks ago Cassie had a seizure.  It was very scary at the time, as we had never seen a dog have a fit before.  We were hoping that it was a one -off, but 10 days later she had another, so it was time to visit the vet.  We went on Friday morning, and she had some blood tests.  One had to be repeated the following day as the result of the liver function one was a bit high, but it turned out that it was just because she had had breakfast, the second one was normal.  The vet diagnosed ‘Idiopathic Epilepsy’ – meaning they haven’t a clue what causes it.  She has some medication that she will have to take for the rest of her life, but it should keep the fits to a minimum – thank goodness for PetPlan!!  It’s a bit worrying, and we find ourselves treating her with kid gloves so as not to stress her out more than she is anyway, but I’m sure that as the time increases between fits, we will go back to treating her as normal.

We came back to the boat on Monday, and planned to leave the marina yesterday morning, but we awoke to pouring rain so we stayed put for another day, and set off this morning instead.  We only cruised for about an hour and a half, and are now moored just short of Rugeley – we plan to do some shopping in the town tomorrow morning, and maybe to visit the market.  We will then head off tomorrow afternoon and plan to get to Fradley Junction for the weekend.  We have a lot of time to waste over the next month or so, as we are heading towards Pillings Lock marina to have the dinette altered, and don’t want to arrive before the beginning of December, so we will be progressing along the Trent and Mersey very slowly indeed!


  1. Hi Rog and Pip. Nice to read your update, but so sorry about Cassie. Our dog, Ben, was four when he had a seizure/stroke. For eighteen months, despite extensive tests(and vets bills) he was like an old man, then a new vet arrived. "He has a thyroid condition" says he... Two tiny tablets a day and back to the old maniac... I am sure all will be well.

    John ans Ali

  2. P.S. The Hood looks cracking.

    John and Ali

  3. Give Cassie a hug from us..
    Fletcher and Floyd

  4. So sorry to read about Cassie. Pets are such good company.
    We are heading up to the T n M from the Coventry. We will stop if we see you.

  5. What are you having done to the dinette?

  6. Thanks for all your good wishes to Cassie - touch wood, since she has been on the tablets there have been no further fits - although, of course, it's early days yet.

    Cassie sends big licks to Fletcher and Floyd.

    We are having the dinnette changed to a pullman type - I know what you will say Lesley, I've been reading your blog, but it will make it a lot more comfortable to sit at as we are having the floor raised a little between the benches, and it will give us a little more length in the saloon, it's 6ft 6in long at the mo, and we are having it 5ft 9in with an extension to bring it up to full length, and a removable back to keep the saloon looking as open as possible. It will also be a place to put Cassie's bed as there isn't enough room under the current table, with 2 desmo legs in the way - the new one will only have one with the other end of the table on a ledge under the gunwale.

  7. Did you see Golcar Lily at Great Heywood?? that's where they moor.

  8. Yes we did see Golcar Lily, but Derek and Joyce weren't on board - they had arrived back from Tattenhall marina during the weekend when we were staying with my mum in Northampton - couldn't get a good photo as there were too many other boats in the way, and they were on another pontoon which had a gate.


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