Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Just a quick update….

We are at Penkridge again – this time for my haircut appointment yesterday, and to visit the market this morning.  Not much bought, just a few pairs of thermal in-soles, some bed-socks for Rog, who is suffering from cold feet in bed, and a new bed for Cassie – the old one was mingin’!

Tomorrow we will head on further towards Tixall Wide where we will probably spend the weekend, to await the fitting of our pram-hood cover, which should be ready on Monday or Tuesday.

For about a week now we have been meeting and passing Jim and Sheena on nb Arlanza, and have become quite friendly, but no photos, I’m afraid (I forgot, yet again!).  We have exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and will try to meet up with them again sometime – keep reading the blog, both, and it will keep you up to date with where we are. Lovely to meet you both.


  1. Radford Bank Bridge 98 Stafford

    Monday 16 November 2009 - Friday 11 December 2009

    Staffordshire Council will be removing the existing fender at the bridge and be replacing it with a new sheet pile line. A fender is required to protect the bridge from boat impact. The navigation width will be increased to 3.2m and the bridge hole will be dredged to improve the canal depth. This stoppage has been planned to coincide with other winter stoppages on the Staffs & Worcs Canal to minimise disruption.

    British Waterways apologises for any inconvenience caused.

    Enquiries: 01827 252000

  2. Look forward to seeing pictures of your pram hood. I am sure that Tim and Lisa will do a good job. It was they who made ours!
    Chas n Ann


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