Monday, 12 October 2009

A weekend with friends…

We arrived at back at Gailey on Friday, to await the arrival of friends Sally and Lisa.

SDC10368                                                             We love the Round-house at Gailey – here’s yet another photo

Sal and Lisa arrived about 10 o’clock on Saturday morning, we had a coffee and then set off for Penkridge, where we planned to eat out and spend the night.

SDC10361 Sally working her first ever lock

SDC10362 Some instruction from the ‘master’!

SDC10363Both working hard

SDC10364 Taking a break and inspecting the water

SDC10365Leaving Lisa and I to guard the lock at Penkridge, Sal went with Rog to turn the boat.


We moored up above the first of the Penkridge locks and went to check out the Crossed Keys for a meal – it was fine.

Lisa and I then walked into Penkridge so I could make an appointment to have my hair cut on Tuesday, leaving Sally and Rog on the boat.

We had a good meal in the pub, then adjourned back to the boat to watch X Factor which we had recorded.  We returned to Gailey on Sunday morning, arriving at lunch-time, as Sally had to get back for some baby-sitting duties later that afternoon.

We had a lovely weekend, just a pity it was so short.

SDC10367 Tomorrow, we will head back to Penkridge and my hairdresser’s appointment, and go to the market on Wednesday.  Hopefully, by that time we will have heard when our pram-hood will be ready for fitting, and make our way back to Great Hayward.

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