Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Ok, it’s done…..

Having met quite a few bloggers recently, one or two (you know who you are!!) have asked if they now qualify for the ‘Bloggers We have Met’ section – well, it’s done now – lets just hope I’ve done it right and the links work.


  1. Well we almost met!


  2. Hi Rog and Pip.

    The months roll by and our build slot with XR+D and Beacon draws ever nearer.


    What would you change/alter/add/forget with experiance?

    Trying to pick your brains.

    John and Ali

  3. Sue, never mind, I'm sure we will meet up sometime.

    Hi John and Ali

    Well, we are having the dinette changed to a 'pullman' type, but that's just personal preference, and a design mistake on my part. One thing we would have had, had we known it was possible, is a separate central heating pump from the clorifier so that when the engine has heated the water you can pump it round the radiators while the engine is on. We may look at having one added in the future if possible. It would be great for cruising this time of year as it would keep the boat warm without having to have the stove on (ours is diesel, if you remember). Not long now, this time next year you will be as excited as we were this time last year. If you fancy coming to see us any time, you will be most welcome. We are going to be not far away if Beacon have an Open Day for No 10 as we are going to be heading for Pillings for the dinette alterations, so if you are going, then might be a good time.


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