Monday, 5 October 2009

A short sojourn on the Shroppie…

Try saying that after a few ciders!!!!

I haven’t blogged since last Tuesday as I’ve been a bit poorly with a cold, which consisted mainly of a nasty cough, and, truth be told, I didn’t have the energy or the inclination to haul the laptop out and set it up.  But I’m much better now so I thought I’d better catch up with our adventures!

We stayed where we were at the lovely moorings near Brewood last Wednesday, as I was feeling very rough and not inclined to do much of anything apart from sit and doze in a chair, but on Thursday morning we decided to move on a little bit.  We stopped at Brewood for some shopping, and when we returned to the boat, we discovered nb Debdale moored a little way behind us.SDC10355 We wandered over and found them hard at work cleaning the boat in preparation to handing it over to it’s next owners at Norbury Wharf on Friday.  We had a chat for a while and then left them to it, in the certain knowledge that they would catch us up when we stopped for water and loos at Wheaton Aston, which they did.

The weather had turned sunny by this time, so I took a few photos – I’m getting fed up of all my photos showing grey skies!


The Shroppie is lovely in the sunshine, with all the leaves turning – it’s a bit like boating through leaf soup though!

 SDC10355 SDC10357 Telford’s aqueduct over the A5 – Pontcysyllte’s little brother!

SDC10358 Typical Shroppie cutting

We moved on to Little Onn where we stopped the night, and then on to Norbury Junction on Friday, where we stayed the weekend.  Our friend Sally, who was a work-mate of Rog’s when we were in Cyprus is now at RAF Shawbury, near Shrewsbury, came out to see us on Saturday.  It was lovely to see her again for the first time in over two years. We had planned to go for a short cruise, but the weather was so foul that we decided to stay put and have lunch in the Junction Inn and just have a good old natter in a nice warm boat..

Speaking of food – I managed not to cook a meal the whole weekend!  It was steak night in the pub on Friday – the nicest steaks we have had in a long time, and after what turned out to be a much bigger lunch (in the pub again) than we anticipated on Saturday, we didn’t want much else in the evening.  We then went back for the Sunday carvery yesterday.  The food has improved tremendously since we last ate there!  Still plain ‘pub-grub’ but very good indeed.

Sally’s sister, Lisa, (who we also met in Cyprus when she came on holiday) was most disgruntled when she found out that Sal was coming to see us.  They are meeting up in Manchester at the end of this week, and Sally is driving her back home, so we have decided that they will both meet us either at Penkridge on the Staffs and Worcester, or Great Hayward, this coming weekend and stay on board for a night.

So we are making our way back down the Shroppie now, in preparation for the weekend.  I probably won’t blog again until after that,  as we are just going over old ground.



Our gorgeous mooring on the Shroppie, near Brewood

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  1. Hi Pip and Roger -- it was really good to have a proper chat with you at Brewood rather than just a few shouted words as we passed. Does this mean we make it onto the list of bloggers you've met?!! We'll keep following the blog, and hope to see you again.
    Adam and Adrian


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