Friday, 21 May 2010

All ship-shape and Bristol fashion…

After such a roasting hot afternoon on Tuesday, the weather was not so good on Wednesday morning, very dull and overcast with a light drizzle coming and going, but, undeterred we set off to reach our goal.

 SDC10839We soon reached the last BW lock -  and what a rotten one it was too – the beams were practically falling apart, one top gate wouldn’t open at all, and one bottom gate was extremely difficult  - it was that wobbly that I was afraid it was going to fall off it’s hinges as I heaved it open.  It had a fresh coat of paint though!

 SDC10840Very pretty backdrop to Lock No 1


As it nears Bristol, the Avon takes on gorge-like proportions, tree covered slopes all around.  On arriving at Netham Lock, the locky relieved us of £40 for our harbour licence and 2 nights stay, in the nicest possible way, and was a mine of information about moorings etc.  We continued through the city centre, cameras clicking away, right to the end of the harbour where the sea lock is situated and then back to some very nice visitor moorings that we spotted on the way down.


 SDC10845 SDC10847Good job we hadn’t got our chimneys on!


Our moorings – a new set of pontoons

We took a walk in the afternoon, just past the sea-lock, until we had a good view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge – well, you can’t come to Bristol and not see it!

 SDC10855The tide was out!

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  1. Great photos. Love Bristol floating harbour, and it's an ambition to arrive by boat. One day...


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