Friday, 21 May 2010

The SS Great Britain…

Yesterday morning we went to see Brunel’s first steel ocean liner, the SS Great Britain, built in 1843.  Luckily, we were moored almost directly opposite, with a cross harbour ferry right on the doorstep, so it couldn’t have been better for Rog, who is still having trouble walking very far.

 SDC10872 SDC10858 SDC10859Huge prop and rudder


Rog having a play with the wheel in the museum


The promenade deck


One of the few first Class toilets on board


First Class bathroom


The Galley


A working replica of the Matthew in which John Cabot crossed the Atlantic and bumped into Newfoundland in 1497


From the deck of the SS Great Britain, with the Matthew in the foreground, and Windsong and Serenity in the background.

Keith and Diane, who’s boat ‘Fruit of the Vine (Beacon’s No 11)  is just about ready for launch, live in Bristol and came to say hello yesterday afternoon – hope the launch goes well, and we expect to see loads of launch photos very soon.

This morning we said a sad goodbye to Bristol, and began our return journey – we are now moored on another floating pontoon just past Lock No 1, and have checked out the pub!  They serve Thatchers Gold Cider slush – bit like an alcoholic Slush Puppy!  A West Country treat not to be missed, and they were certainly doing a roaring trade, just the thing for a sweltering day.


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  1. Great to see those moorings in use - they were just being built when we last cruised here. Isn't the floating harbour great - so much to see and do....

    Sue, Indigo Dream


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