Friday, 21 May 2010

Playing catch-up…..

We spent last weekend at Dundas Aqueduct where we met Richard and Derry Jones who have a share in Ownership’s nb Kinver, ( we also used to own a share). They came and introduced themselves to us, having followed our blog since the beginning.  It was good to get all the ‘inside info’ about what is happening, after the death of Alan Matthews and the subsequent discovery of his deception.  Hope to meet you again some day, Richard and Derry, and we hope you get at least some of your invested money back.

We left Dundas on Monday morning, and on to Bath, where we found good moorings just on the outskirts of town.  We then had a wander down the locks to get a good look at Bath Deep Lock – almost 20ft deep! 

 SDC10826We watched nb Phoenix go down – it’s a long way!

SDC10820Cleveland Tunnel

We decided that we would ‘do’ Bath on the way back as Karen and Ian have more visitors coming, but a couple more photos to keep you going.SDC10822 Bath Top Lock

 SDC10831Very Continental river side house

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