Friday, 14 May 2010

No brass knockers here…..

Today we had a short cruise from Bradford on Avon to Dundas Aqueduct, where we plan to moor until Sunday (FA Cup Final tomorrow, and we have a good telly signal here!)  We started off in slight drizzle which came and went throughout the morning, but the scenery was lovely anyway.

 SDC10805Two aqueducts today, first Avoncliff Aqueduct

 SDC10807Past Limpley Stoke, perched on the hillside

SDC10806 Past miles and miles of long term moorers – this one had a whole rain-forest growing on the roof, and a very suspicious-looking spiky-leafed plant!

SDC10808 Dundas Aqueduct

SDC10811 From below

After lunch we all took a stroll along the remains of the old Somerset Coal Canal, which is now used as moorings, to Brassknocker Basin.  Rog was most disappointed not to see any ladies with brass knockers – said it was obviously not cold enough (I think he was likening it to balls and brass monkeys – but it’s hard sometimes to know how his mind works!)

 SDC10810Brassknocker Basin

On the way back we stopped and chatted to chap with  beautiful 1920’s launch, the Lady Sophina, which belonged to a local hotel, and was for hire for afternoon teas and drinks parties – he said it gets quite ‘cosy’ inside in inclement weather with eight passengers, and a glass or two of bubbly soon has them all friends!

SDC10812 The Lady Sophina

SDC10813View down the Avon valley, which we will soon be joining, when we leave Bath


  1. Hi Pip n Roger,
    Watching your progress. Sorry but I saw that the locks at Bath may be closed for repair.
    Chas n Ann, Moore 2 Life

  2. Hi Chas & Ann

    It looks like they are closed from 1700-0800 due to leakages, hopefully should not affect us too much.



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