Thursday, 13 May 2010

Foxhangers to Bradford on Avon

We moored at Seend Cleeve on Tuesday lunchtime and, after lunch at the Barge, said goodbye to Serenity’s visitors.  Yesterday morning we set off towards Hilperton where we took on fuel and started looking for a mooring – again they were difficult to find, with long term moorers taking up most of the 24 and 48 hour visitor moorings, despite there being warning notices beside all the mooring signs threatening £25 a night for overstayers – obviously not collected or they wouldn’t be there!  I’m beginning to feel a strongly worded email to BW coming on – not that they will take the slightest bit of notice, I’m sure.  P’raps I just won’t bother!!

We eventually found a mooring at Bradford on Avon wharf, and had a wander around the town.  It’s very old and beautiful, set on steep hills with all the buildings made out of honey-coloured stone.

SDC10783 Bradford on Avon wharf


SDC10786 16th century building now housing a Victorian tearoom

SDC10788 The Shambles SDC10798 14th Century Bridge, with chapel

SDC10802 14th Century Tithe Barn on Granary Farm

SDC10799 inside the Tithe Barn

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