Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bloggers blunder….

Whilst looking back on the blog for 2009 today, for a particular photograph, we discovered that the photos had all disappeared!  Well, not all, but all the photos from the blogs dating from early June 2009 until the end of last year!!!  Ahhh, thought I!!!  I know what I’ve done.  Now, I’m only ‘computer user’ literate, i.e. I know how to send and receive email, use the internet, create,store and print documents, upload the blog and all that stuff, but don’t know anything about the ‘guts’ of the damn thing, or understand what links with what etc. A couple of months ago I discovered a Picasa Web Album with loads of duplicated photos in.  They were obviously copies of files I had created of photos to use on the blog, and knowing that all our photos are backed up on our external hard drive, I deleted the albums.  WRONG!!!! The blog obviously ‘looks’ at the albums for the photos!  Rog spent some time trying to find out whether we could restore the blog but couldn’t find any way to do it.  So, I am now engaged in replacing the photos on the blog, starting with the latest posts and working backwards.  We have discovered a reasonably easy way to do it using Windows Live Writer, which I use to write all the posts anyway, as it it is lot easier and quicker than using the blogspot ‘dashboard’, but it still requires an edit to each and every photo.  However it may take some time, and some post don’t re-load to the blog as they should.  If any of our regular readers use Google Reader to follow our blog, you may find odd old posts appearing as new posts – please ignore these, don’t worry, I haven’t gone mad, just trying to undo my blunder!!  I won’t be deleting anything else in a hurry!!!


  1. Whoops, I did notice they were missing! Oh well will keep you out of mischief for a while! Note to me don't delete that file!

  2. Thanks for that Ali - I never get into mischief!!!

  3. Shame about that. I did notice that Picasa says blog pics will delete if you delete from Picasa album.
    Can you not just edit posts and add pics then re- publish.

  4. Hi Les - I obviously missed that bit! I did edit the posts and replace the pictures, but I did it in Live Writer as it loads the photos in much quicker than Blogger - that takes an age just to insert one photo, and I had 18 months worth of blog to fix! All done now though. Incidentally, do you know why the Web Album saves two copies of each photo that I put on the blog - I can't seem to find anything in the 'Help' that expalins it - it seems a bit cheeky as it uses up all the allocation twice as fast!
    Hope you had a great time in the States and congrats on your engagement - we hope that we can meet Jaqui some time.

  5. Hi Pip
    I didn`t realise it saves 2 pics. If i find an answer i`ll let you know.


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