Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A few pics of our new ‘mooring’…

I have been waiting for a decent day to take a few photos of the village where we are renting a cottage, and they have been few and far between lately, but yesterday morning turned out to be an ‘I’d rather be boating’ sort of morning, so out came the camera.  I took these on my daily walk with Cassie.



Down the lane where I go to walk Cassie



Views over the Northamptonshire countryside


The village green


Our little lane – just two cottages and the old farmhouse at the end – ours is the one in the middle with the slightly lower roofline.


  1. Wow that's lovely! Does the Cottage sail well?? No I'm joking, what a great place to stay, and you still have your Summer on Windsong to look forward to! Perfect!

    Debbie Nb Tickety Boo.

  2. How's life as landlubbers suiting you? Stuck in the ice again yesterday; bet your lovely cottage is snug.

  3. Thanks all - Gill & Graham, life as landlubbers does get a bit tedious and boring at times, especially on a bright sunny day, but at least we are warm and snug and not having to battle with frozen water pipes and elsan emptying facilities. We are looking forward to cruising again,planning on leaving the marina around the middle of March and heading up towards the Llangollen. What are your plans for this summer?


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