Monday, 14 February 2011

Pitsford Reservoir geocaching….

It was such a beautiful morning this morning that we decided to take Cassie for a walk at Pitsford Reservoir which is not very far away from us. 


There were a couple of geocaches within a mile of the car park so we decided to have a look for them.  This is the first time we’ve been geocaching since Rog hurt his toe, back in Oct 2009 (apart from once with Karen and Ian last year, and Rog stayed behind on the boat).  We wondered if we’d still have the knack of finding them, but we found the first quite easily.



For the second, we needed to go back to the car and move away from the reservoir a little, back to a road that used to cross the valley before it was flooded – it now goes down to the water and a Nature Reserve.  We found the second cache only 100 yards down the track, so continued on down to the Reserve.




but could go no further as dogs were not allowed.  All in all, Rog’s foot held up well, so it all bodes well for our summer cruising this year – I won’t have to work all the locks!


  1. I wouldn't put any money on you not working all the locks...I hope we get to see you on you travels this summer especially as we didn't manage the home visit --too little time unfortunately.
    X Lesley

  2. Hi Lesley - we were wondering what had happened to you - we had to eat all the lobster by ourselves!! Maybe we might be lucky and be able to meet up. We are heading up towards the Llangollen, leaving around the middle of March, so if you are heading down towards the Nene for the summer, we may manage a meeting - I know you are heading for Chester at the mo, but by the time you've been and left again we will probably be on our way. We plan to meet up with Serenity at Fradley again at least for a while to do the Llangollen and up to Chester later on.
    Pip xx


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